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Our pilgrimage begins and ends with several days in ancient sites associated with St. Columba and his monastic family: the beautiful Hebridean island of Iona and the tidal island of Lindisfarne off the northeastern English coast.  We will also spend time in Whithorn, Scotland, where many Celtic leaders were trained, and visit Durham and its cathedral, the resting place of St. Cuthbert.  We will learn from and participate in worship with contemporary embodiments of Celtic-inspired Christianity, such as the Iona Community.

Island of Iona (September 8-11)

  • Daily worship with the Iona community

  • Tour of Iona Abbey and grounds

  • Pilgrimage walk to Columba's Bay

Whithorn (September 12-13)

  • View the Latinus Stone, reputedly the oldest Christian artifact in Scotland

  • Pilgrimage walk to St. Ninian's Cave

Durham and vicinity (September 15-16)

  • Explore sites associated with Saints Hilda, Cuthbert and Bede

  • Visit the 7th century Escomb Saxon Church

  • Guided tour and Choral Eucharist at Durham Cathedral

Lindisfarne (Holy Island) (September 17-19)

  • Explore the tidal island that was home to St. Aidan and his mission to the Anglo-Saxons

  • View the newly discovered foundations of St. Aidan's church

  • Worship and learn from local Christian communities

  • Optional walk following the ancient pilgrim route across the sands to Holy Island

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Lead photo: Bruce Calvin